who gives a f*ck

but i have to say what i have to say
i can only move on with my life when i have put it all out there
i can focus on success and a beautiful life when there’s nothing left that can block or stop me
or sabotage me or anything
i don’t identify with my past in any shape or form

need a singer woman for my songs goes more rnb style too
i will do it all
but before i can do that
i have to put out and make what is first on my chest and mine
when that is out of the way i have space left for other incredible stuff
so everything happens for a reason and is necessary to stack future success on

what only you can see, only you have the vision and big picture
can not expect others to see it as you do exactly

i can talk what i want, in the end it’s the work you put in, can talk a good talk, is worth nothing when it isn’t backed up
but sometimes i am tired of all i have already done and didn’t work out yet
of course it is my fault, i didn’t do a good enough job, still have to lick my wounds first before i can get up again

i do believe in real true love, the kind of relationship what i like
all those things i keep on believing that it is possible, no matter how much i been hurt or felt flat on my face

nobody can change what’s cool about me

i keep living my dreams, great life and working on myself, cutting of what’s toxic and accept only healing health powers

rightly so, i know exactly what i am doing and what i am doing not

Alain Stout
Een ondernemer met voeten in de aarde omtrent duurzaamheid en een betere planeet. Eerst mezelf veranderd ten goede wat een constant proces is en tegelijkertijd groeit alles en iedereen om me heen mee de goede kant op. Alleen maar positieve energie.

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