Benefits of a clean life 😌 ✨️ 👌

“The super hero or villain, mostly have the same background, abused or orphans, where the super hero choose to prevent others from the same pain and where the villian choose to hurt others.”

Which 1 do you choose to become?

🧘‍♂️ I think the biggest advantage of now 10+ years ago where I have changed my life forever for the better.Is that when you’re not only 10+ years without alcohol, smoking, Marijuana whatever…

Also, daily discipline to become the best version of yourself from personal development ✨️ to sports and good healthy habits.

So from a boy without a job, no real perspective, rapping, hanging on streets, earning money 💰 on the streets, women, clubs… all you see the rappers doing in the videos, I did. (Yes, I was young too, don’t judge a teenager mistakes especially if you don’t know the background story of why)

Except they had millions, and I only saw misery.

That’s where I been hit by thunder light, I think around 2011.

It disgusted me so much that I wanted to change my life forever drastically.

“All the people who were there when you party are gone when you choose yourself.”

So from that useless kid except the art 🎨 (like rap) to the best version of me I can be.

Everyday doing my workout 💪 , meditation 🧘‍♂️, self improvement, read 📚, write ✍️, breathing exercises, positive self affirmations, going outside, eating healthy, studying and production.

“I speak only truth, that people who’ve been living a lie for so long, can’t stand.”

If you don’t stop the past trauma’s from ancestors, your kids will have them, too.

You’ve to make the change, nobody is going to save or help you.

You’ve to decide and be the only one who can do it.

Who can take the responsibility. Is why I wanted to do the right thing as much as I possibly can on all levels.

For future generations.

Because if I don’t, who will? It’s super hard, because when you start to do good 👍 , it’s a lonely road.

“In some circles 🔵 you get more encouraged to smoke 🚬 than to eat a salad 🥗.”

That’s why it’s hard and difficult, the most don’t even try or give up.

Because it’s decades and decades of hard work in the dark when no one applause you, where you can only motivate yourself.

You know you do good even when you don’t get a reward for it (yet).

Still you know it’s the only right thing to do and to go.

My main message why I started to write this was…

That even when I live as clean and good as I can, you still have problems, ups and downs, failures (maybe even more because you do a lot), setbacks, and all the hard stuff. Of course.

The big difference is living this clean is that you are better able to deal with it the right way, with whatever it is that comes your way positive or negative.

That you can handle, deal and stand everything and everyone life’s throws at you super easy.

That you never give up, that you keep standing up.

That’s the biggest difference.

So it’s a long term thing.

Where the most died or gave up, I not even started yet.

That’s the biggest advantage. You yourself know this.

That whatever happens you’ll always be the last one laughing.

Except if you do the same but most unfortunately don’t.

Because you want the best and same good for everybody.

They treat you bad not the other way around.

It’s not your fault.

So you do it.

And everybody can.

Not your fault if someone doesn’t.

Everybody have to live with themselves when they do wrong.

“So it’s always worth it to change your life for good and replace all bad habits for good ones.”

Everyone will benefit from it.

You’ve to live with yourself, so make sure to do right. Screw them if they ain’t with you, you don’t need them.

They even may be not good for you, you’re better off without.

So simple.

Until I die (120 years) I am disciplined and move forward.

Even when you don’t see it.

I get the Most Out of Life. So yes in terms of personal growth I am on the right track, keep on investing in myself.

Have learned a lot in doing business and life’s lessons.

Still to much to gain.

From the right partner, build a family, real estate, sustainable clothing and decoration line to media and entertainment. No matter how hard I fall, because of this daily discipline everyday of my life 💯, I keep on growing and moving forward.

That’s why it’s worth doing it.

The ones who do, know what I mean.

Stay persistent.

Such a change and maintain focus and discipline, you do by finding uncountable reasons why you want and need to do it.

Makes you unstoppable. So when you’re dead, you can be like… with a smile 😃, proud and with your head high.

It’s a success, you did it.

Like you found the secret, who’s available for everyone.

You can decide for others but you can choose the ones who do and did.

Being healthy and good for you. Who gets the most and best out of you and never bring you down.

On you to choose and decide this.

So make sure you know your vision by doing all those things like visualizing and step by step execution of this master plan.

Your reason of living.

Be the inspiration for your brother’s and sisters.

You can too.

Just be you.

So done with all the horse crap 💩 in the world. The judgmental eyes, all the lies. The hatred, jealousy and envy. The misunderstanding and stuff. Treating other people wrong, the losses, being unfair etc.

Make the positive difference ✨️ and will never push back.

I show where I believe the way it should be and succeed at it.

Don’t get me wrong if you try to do as good as you can within what you know.

I said before I love genuinely good people so much, the most in life.

I do hope and wish the best for everybody.

It is about taking responsibility for your life.

Screw all who have treat me bad. Who think to be or know better.

I am going to make it BIG time ⏲️ remember all good or bad for me.

Will share with all who kept doing good.

So think twice how you treat others, all come back like a boomerang 🪃 on the back of your head. Let this be a warning ⚠️.

Stop all cruelty in the world.

Prays, love ❤️ and peace goes out for the world.


Someone has to make a positive difference or else nothing is going to get better or happen ever.

It’s my calling 📞.

I show you how Great I am. (Muhammed Ali)

Have to be straight up or else society stays weak.

Not talking bout the genuinely good people who tries best within their margins.

Bout the ones who purposely choose to keep hurting others without ever taking responsibility for it to change for the better.

Thats it.

Alain Stout
Een ondernemer met voeten in de aarde omtrent duurzaamheid en een betere planeet. Eerst mezelf veranderd ten goede wat een constant proces is en tegelijkertijd groeit alles en iedereen om me heen mee de goede kant op. Alleen maar positieve energie.

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