Alain Stout

Have done all I possibly could but it is never enough when it is enough
The canvas never falls

Constant persistent
Put in the work effort
Don't cry about it

Even when it means you lose everything, it won't matter
You can live with yourself because you did it because of DREAMS
Plus you have learned a bunch of new lessons you take with you forever and you just keep starting all over again
No matter how hard you die at times emotionally or whatever
There is only 1 solution: KEEP GOING and don't look back
Become the new you, revolutionary
The one burning from within screaming to express in a position of life where you fit best
All fibers in you know
You seek help and get rejected tons of times
That's perfect it shapes you, it motivates you and give you AGAIN more reason to keep on fighting HARDER back
You cannot be stopped
You already live like the way you would feel when all your dreams are achieved
Why wait?
Figure it out, understand all circumstances, the negative and the positive
Allow none to hurt you back as it does themselves already, the ones who do, who are aware of it or not, what is, that is.
It's on you to see it all clear
Have a sharp vision, know exactly why what happened when it which kinda way
What else can you do then keep on going
Never ever Worry
Just stick to the plan
1 by 1, already living like it right now
Giving back and helping all who have supported you down the road in one way or another
Alain Stout