Alain Stout


I suddenly am thinking about a way of why you do what and how, in which way, where and with who and if it is proper.

Like when you should post something or not.

First of all you should post what you like, if someone doesn't like it, or they judge you wrong, it doesn't mean anything because it's not you, it's just some creation you obviously loved to do in that moment.

It's as we know ONLY about the ones who do dig that.

When you was a child you been fearless at least I been, that is what made me attractive, I just been fully myself 100% subconsciously.

I'm still working to express and execute that part of the soul pure existence, allowing nothing to harm that part.
What's the driven force and core behind everything.

So, it means that you must only do where you feel right about it, don't count and don't measure it basically.

Just drop it, and enjoy the feeling of dropping something great without expecting what other consider it to be.

Just do that.

And keep doing so, like when you were a child, you just did it innocent.
Didn't bother other opinions, I definitely didn't had it like now with all likes and comments.

Do what makes you feel good, where you can live with yourself.
Where you know who you are and who not.
The ones who don't like you in one way or another are not important.

It's about the ones who do respect you.

So take the time to find out who you really are and want and do just that,  without being scared what others will be thinking of that.

It doesn't mean sh*t, what others think of you.
Only matters that you do where you feels is right and even necessary as a tool to be able to reach eventually what you adore to reach.

Keep this freedom.

Love yourself to much to allow envy to occur.

Think long and deep about that.
Take your time.
Build the strong foundation than can carry your dreams forever and beyond.

So keep this young spirit alive, step into this fearlessness, what is the only right thing to do.

But use the wisdom of all knowledge around like an old soul.

Be fresh, pure and free like you were young.

That is what makes you attractive.
Fully being yourself, allowing no one to demotivate you.
It helps not using any mood changing substances.

Pure like a lion.
I feel this is Possible for all, that's why I'm never better than nobody, I do believe this for all, but I've experienced many don't do it,  just a few who do.

That's why, that's where we have to deal with, doing it right like this.
Figure it out, get a grip.

Even when it means you're alone in this until you found it.

Alain Stout
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