Alain Stout

Less time left everyday again 2 B Great, that's why no time to waste, when waking up early you get more things done during the day but in a peace, no rush

Because when you do live a long life you also want to be healthy and sharp of mind
No use now going too hard, knowing that you live long but can't enjoy life anymore because you've exhausted yourself
So must keep all in a perfect balance with nature 
Not only that must thinking forward as well and getting now the most out of life you could possibly do
Keeping track of those constantly
All in awareness 
Discipline daily
When you do that, you don't really experience now the results you put in, especially when working on yourself or craft, so it's sometimes hard to go on when you see nothing happening, that's the trick
You still must keep doing it, trusting that it is the right thing to do subconsciously already happening 
I'm talking about things like pep talk, positive thinking and words so deeds, workout, writing, moving, production, quality time management, living healthy, right people only for you
Breaking the cycle of your ancestors blockades, someone has too, if not you, who will?
Only you can execute on your dreams and desires that you're feeling from the gut