Alain Stout

What I see in my dreams and what's reality is different and still got to be grateful for everything now rather than complaining


Is that difference anxiety?


Still got to believe in yourself, love yourself, never give up or complain, making best of the now with all that you have.


Won't cry about it, or yes but use it to motivate you.


When you really live what you see in your dreams, I cry everyday of happiness and smile of gratitude

At the same time I will and keep doing what's right for anybody.


That's why you can feel down and that's totally fine, maybe embrace the way you feel rather than blocking or ignoring it.


Maybe that's even a good thing.


It's not having a big mouth, it's believing in myself, having a dream is why.


Have to deal with that everyday. 


You are who you visualize, not who you been or what other people think of you.

You know best.


Don't have to stick with who hurt you because of empathy, same for joining the poor doesn't help them.

But choosing yourself what's right for you and maybe you inspire them this way.

Only you can reach and achieve what's right and best for you.



Nobody has the right to hurt you, there are no excuses for that ever.

Avoid it.


Know your worth, take full responsibility yourself to achieve that, only you can do that and nobody can do that for you.


Do what you've to do for the dream that you hold inside.