Alain Stout


Verse 1

The greatest ever lived, all be a moment now
The city lights in the streets, be in the moment wow
Seen a lot of Greed, often been the Clown
You are a king or queen, with or without crown
Look Who's Back in Town, plan to stay this time
Smile beats frown, and she, she is mine
She is fine as wow, a dream come true
Whoa, or is it just a dream, what you gonna do
Building a team, winners around you
Just having fun, on the run until you found truth.
Down to Earth, grounded, always clean & smooth,
The founder is counting, alive with healthy food
Leaving the hood, making room for the universe
Born to Bloom and negativity is a curse,
Get rid of it as fast as you possibly can
Since You Been a lil' kid, you wanted to become a man

Chorus 2 x

Super Hero, lost in dreams
Resourceful wisdom,
As strange as it may seems,
The price it costs, the way you stream
Of course from the core, brave and lean