Alain Stout

The Underdog

Maybe I love the place of the underdog like Rotterdam, it is the second city of The Netherlands, but has the potential to become the greatset most innovative city of the world

When they expect nothing from you, you have the freedom to work on your masterpiece plus they don't expect it coming, it suits me

I don't need anything, I am already happy right now with who I am with what I have

Master the art of giving

What is your plan?

Give it a chance

I wanted to create my own clothes because of all the setbacks

Because I went into multiple shops and couldn't find even wool pants anymore, only polyester, that is 1 of the reasons next to all other polyester clothing, I wanted it natural like cotton, when I found out cotton isn't pretty sustainable either, so found out that hemp and linen is, next to of course recycling textile like cotton, that is beautiful

Because of all the adversity I just wanted to go on, making a positive difference by making it sustainable, wherever we can, learning down the lane

I want to become the best version of me I can be

So much reasons of why I must, it keeps me motivated all day long

Making a positive difference like never existed before and after, grateful that it is me being that guy from within, thank you

If you dream GIGA prepare for it, for everything you have to go through because of it

Always wanted to touch people right in their heart like only I can that sticks forever

You only can, if you believe to be able so


Now I want to create my own market place because many market places have denied my fashion, so I build my own

A green marketplace where people can also sell and buy when it is sustainable though

You hear them say, you do and start what is your own frustration in life, and the complaints are the opportunities

If I am going to do something it has to be the greatest in the world, period, of course first and foremost because it makes me happy, loving what I am doing, ALWAYS with the right reasons

All the underestimation is motivation same as all the good stuff, and any way you slice it, it doesn't matter, only your believe in yourself, YOU have to live always with yourself, that is all

So if things go well or down, always remain positive and stable, allowing none circumstances to get you off guard, no matter if it is wrong or good, bad or right

You stay grounded anyhow remaining the same sane source


The search

Of who you are really, because you keep moving and going on, you adapt and transform down the lane, meanwhile enjoying the ride and the view, searching your meaning of life

I am just happy with who I am, with all the skills involved, makes me, me, like you, be you


Where can I make the biggest positive difference in this world I am meant to be doing?

Wants to do what is closest to me

So yes I love to innovate in production like recycled suits and outfits, making it easy and simple, always usable and functional

"Already live as frugally as possible, separate garbage, biological products, 2 days a week meat, 1 time fish furthermore only each day fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, berries, nuts and seeds what expresses in all my activities"

At the same time facilitate a platform with all for your health, wellness and a better life next to sports and other useful and happy stuff like for your the office and decoration also making sure all with a sustainable aspect to it already to start off with


Our responsibility

To take care of all without a voice like animals

You must do where you are capable off to help where others ain't

Stand up for all who need you


Follow your heart <3, being the change you would love to see

Being for others, you didn't had in life, so they don't have to suffer

That is why


Laser focused daily at all times

Understanding that everybody does the best they could do with what they have and who they are


Minding your own business, make sure you do it as great as you can and attract anything and anybody who answers this, who get the best possible out of you like the way you are too

That is it


Use all your energy, effort and attention for only everything and anything in life worthwhile

Dig down deep to find the right way to do this

You can do this


Staying true to yourself

Fight hard and keep on learning to understand every situation and how to deal rightly with anything that occurs in life


Everything is going to be okay, just jump and you learn, you can only grow, becoming the best version of you, you can become

Only moving forward, all lessons builds character


Love oneself first, be patience, take the time, long term vision

Sharing and giving to all the genuinely good people around

Change, adapt and transform down the lane

Having the biggest heart at the right place


Staying alive because only you can achieve what you can achieve, core healthy and well

Make no mistake about it


Everyone is allowed to think, feel and speak about you what they want

Because it is ONLY what you think, feel and speak about yourself

Stick to this truth


Perfection doesn't exist, only progress

Being the greatest version you can be only attracting the greatest people for you who they can be only

That is your circle, your family, your life

Allow everyone else to figure it out themselves, you have your hands full on doing this


This way you can stay right on track, where you supposed to be

Make it magical, open for miracles, living your dream, fairy tale, fantasizing like since I was a little kid, keep that curiousity, keep it up


I am still the same, the best possible version of who I can become, used to become, if everything went well

Still do succeed to achieve this with all the experiences that we use to work for us, beneficial, what helps


Real Alpha dominant male vs Gracious true Gentleman

When you keep on growing, your past leaves you, don't have to stay behind because of pity, it is not your fault

You want the best for everyone, others obviously doesn't want it for you, that is not your problem

Focus on the solution, that is being great, and only on everything and everyone that is great, hoping that others will eventually do too

Saying now what you doesn't must do, but focus only on what you must do, the positive energy



What I say here is also what I want, what I say to myself

You will endure, conquer and overcome all obstacles in life easily

Because you are full of love, enlightment, positive true genuine energy all day long, this speaks for itself, this goes his own way

Wherever you come everything will go as you like because of this essence

Having them all lined up

You know this and you look forward


About all that is really important, really counts and matters in life only

This keeps you safe at all times, guarded and protected

You are fulfilling your higher purpose and am moving mountains

With a big smile encountering life

This is all, thank you