Alain Stout

Don't stare blind on something stupid,
Let it go in the universe after giving,
Without expecting something in return,
Creating something new is living.
Trust on The Dream,
That, that is reality,
Live sustainable,
Full clear clarity.
Heart, gut, soul, spirit, core essence,
Take the time to think what keeps you in balance.
Staying in the presence will most definitely help,
Focus on the Universe, What makes you feel well.
Give all evil not a single chance,
Make them know that.
Laughing and Swinging your dance,
Without crap.
Rightly so, nothing to add,
All speaks perfectly for itself,
Recognize a rat,
Isolate it and come out of your shelf.
Don't talk about it, just do it,
Happiness doesn't come from the validation from others,
But from within, clean the bullshit,
This existence is all there is,
Don't bother.
I ❤ U