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Peace Love Faith

Last weekend I was at the Christmas market, walked over Berlin by 20 hours, you see, that’s why my condolences, sympathy, heart, soul and salvation goes to all family and friends of all victims worldwide!
Also Berlin.

That’s why I always share positivity because it is badly needed, necessary and important.
Call it what you want.

Am for peace, equality, wealth in abundance, health, education, respect, understanding, harmony, love, happiness, success and freedom for everyone and everything!

Therefore like to encourage, motivate, help, stimulate and inspire others.

Help, solutions and challenges I love to provide.


I am optimistic for the future, regardless of any reservations.
Will have to, it’s the only way.

By staying positive and keep having Faith, I can go on.

I never watch news, about Berlin coincidence appeared in front of me.

Call it that I believe in a utopia, a fantasy, a fairy tale.

But I love, pray and hope for all people worldwide.

When you treat others as you want to be treated, that person can give that on subconsciously until everyone are point in the right direction.

Every day, step by step, fill-in your dreams a natural way.

When you’re stuck in a situation either by people or circumstances, find a road to the right people for you where you can flourish like a flower.

Meanwhile, keep that trust, keep showing the right example eventually the world and people will follow.

Unconditional love of all, take it in your heart, as motivation and do not give up!

It is possible

It has to work, it needs to be.

If we pay attention all together and stop complaining, whining and crying we come a long way.

Take responsibility.

Love yourself, you are worth it, the dream that you have inside of you, know that it is possible!

These are all things I do myself and pay attention every second to it.

It take to change myself completely for the better every day again and again forever.

For me the many things that help are meditation and positive self-affirmations.

Focus on what you can control, you can send others with your kindness, character and positivity.

Make use of it, do it right.

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Do not give up.
  • Give to others.

Forgive, forget and let it go.

Learn from all the lesson, using it for you in the presence for a brighter future.

Do the best you possibly can constructively !!

Learn from others, look around you.

Do not think you know it all, being selfish, that doesn’t solve anything but makes it all worse, that’s why.
That way you only block yourself and others for possibilities, growth and progress.

Behave yourself, you have only one life.

If I can, so can you.


Don’t feel yourself to good say sorry, to say: you’re right, even when they’re not and to treat others as you want to be treated.

The thing is, all of these things are free, costs nothing!
Available for everyone, that is why!

So there are no excuses for not doing it.

Many also did shared it very often, still people don’t do it.

If you do wrong when you know you’re doing wrong is of course a different story than doing wrong when you are not aware of it.
Two different stories.

If you can’t stand this truth, you know at which part you are.


If you keep doing it when being aware of what you do is wrong you ask yourself purposely for problems and cannot complain afterwards.
What goes around, comes around.

It’s that simple.

If you do make accidentally a misstep, ask for forgiveness, admit and learn from it, never doing it again.
And everything is okay.

Although I do believe that everybody itself still has a rational reason to think or realize themselves what they do is right or wrong.

It’s all in the little things.

Every second counts

Be positive and be kind to one another.

If we treat each other this way, there is hope and the world gets better and healthy.

Natural people who am after doing right logically go after the right ones for him or her.

Meanwhile, always believe that eventually everyone and everything will be fine in time.

Therefore, I am and remain optimistic for the future and until then at least ensure that I myself give the right example therein.

Wish the best for everyone and everything.

Wants the same for everyone what I want for myself and family.

Wants everything and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Spread positivity where the Universe can All benefit from.

Take care, do it right


Alain Stout

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