Dare to Dream

It's Possible

Dream Infinite

Simply Dare to Dream Infinite

The reason I say infinite is because of the limitless aspect of it

Many say dream Big like Trump but I say Dream Infinite

No Limits and without Fear

You must understand many many people my whole life tried to break me because of standing out, because of being different, because of being myself, I had to deal with because of that, while you would think when you are like that people should encourage it, the opposite is true when I take my life in consideration

Found out on a very young age, that people where you expect to be proud or happy for you, are actually jealous

When happening on a very young age, it prepares you for the future, making stronger

But I’m not of stone and a human being who must deal with it to the right away

Say to yourself:

“I deal and handle everything that life throws at me with ease”

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper”

“I am the Master of My Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul”

“Every Day in Every Way, I am Getting Better and Better”

“Imagination is Reality”

“A Quitter Never Wins and a Winner never Quits”

“Treating all the same as you want to be treated with the same equal one Respect”


Don’t blame others and keep fighting for what is the right thing to do

Keep having faith that infinitely all will join you on this, even when it means you have to go alone until it happens

You do it, because you believe that it will turn out well for everybody, during this journey you will meet adversity unfortunately but use it for you, learn from the lessons and learn from everything and everyone what to and what not to do

I do this because I believe it will be worth doing for All no matter what

I am not here to judge people who doesn’t, I respect all people’s choices

Believing that everybody do the best they can

If people know better, they would do better

I am here just to create awareness, to shake and wake up because it is what helped me

I understand that it takes a paradigm shift for the long run and the long term

Like everyone is right from her or his perspective

If you believe strong enough in your dream you dare to take the jump

Going after where you dream about is the place where it is most scary, because you jump in the unknown

You shape and create your own personality

I’m no better  than anyone else out there, only making sure I am better today than I was yesterday

So I am only competing, comparing and racing against myself, nobody else.

Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, it’s never good enough

That you do good within your possibilities to people and they act ungrateful

Never allow this to discourage you and go on for the ones who do, the right ones for you

Giving is Living

It do requires a lot of guts and strength to go on on this journey of achieving your goals & dreams, but do it anyway

Never give in or up, holding back or down

Be Genius, Extraordinary and Beautiful

The Creator of Your Life

The Entrepreneur, Designer & Life’s Changer

Making this World a Better Place for All to Live on

Patiently Waiting


But that is why that there happens the most growth, change and transformation

Write your goals and dreams forever down, repeat it for yourself, shaping the vision into the smallest details and start all day with what you already can, with what is already possible, so you already learn and along the way new opportunities arise

I find out nobody listens yet, I don’t blame

I love people, I love our planet

If I think about why I want to achieve my dreams then there pop up many reasons, one of them is the people who always respected me, always had my back, the people who been good for me, the people where I had the privilege with to meet, even when I don’t see them anymore, my whole life is my motivation

So Many Reasons Why I Must Prosper in All Ways Beneficial for All

Just Do It, Stay on the Right Tracks and Path

Believe That it is Possible young, Go for it, I am with you, Whatever it is

I do Respect everybody no matter what choices, all are motivation to me, even when people ain’t doing this anymore but they have touched my Heart by always respecting me, encouraging and believing in me, I am doing this for and I will get them with me when I have reached my Dreams, Believe That, Those Positive Energy keeps me Going, where it is all about, because it is all about people, especially the Right ones, there is no fun without!

Those senses, emotions and feelings goes through heart and soul why I must succeed

I believe that that can help with your dream, to push yourself through every barrier

I do respect everyone whatever they chose in life, admitting that they chose what makes them happy and fulfilled

This is the way I am about, everyone is allowed to have another opinion about it

It makes sense to me, so hopefully it does the same to you

I hope that all I share can inspire, motivate, stimulate, encourage and support

  • What is it that you really truly dream?

  • With what can you make your people happy, smile and proud?

  • What you want to do the rest of your life?

  • What makes you happy, fulfilled and worthy?

  • What part is it that you really desire and people tried to talk you out of it?

    Do exactly that

Right Perspective

I am not here to tell you do it wrong, I tell you my way today where I acknowledge that I learn forever, a student for life

  • Allow nobody to talk you out of it
  • Allow nobody to tell you wrong
  • Allow nobody to treat you not right

Recognize behavior and go out to find the people who are right for you only always and not sometimes

Still keep all and everyone as motivational fuel for your dreams of why you must succeed

It’s a constant fight, a constant challenge and inner battle

You will Succeed

If you repeat this to yourself over and over again you start to attract only this

When you arrive take care about everything and everyone deserving it, closely or from a distance

For me I feel like whatever success or dreams you have stay between the people, making sure that wherever you come people respect you and you can keep showing your face everywhere.

When you make it remember everybody who been there for you when nobody else’s was

Then get them all on the same train and plane

Make them all involve in this Dream, sharing your Success and enjoying together with the ones where you been doing it forever for

For me it cuts through the heart, it goes deep, I am finding my purpose, destiny and calling for deeper reasons you can imagine

I know that I am, I know that I can, I know that I am able, capable and deserving it, so are you, you do to

I know it, I can feel it, I believe it, I trust on it, I’m aware of it

Happy, Grate and Thankful everyday for it, Taking nothing for Granted

Repeat this everyday all day long, Always been, the only difference from then and now is that I am more aware of it now, everyday more and more


For me it is where life is about

Even when people try to harm, stop and discourage you because of it

All I share is based on spirits, from the inside out and within, what is important

When you want to do good, you must keep the believe that you are doing right, on the right track with the right intentions, allowing no one else to tell you something different

You must be very confidential, remind yourself why you are doing this and for who

That there are people out there who love you for it, even it isn’t shown yet, trust that it is

Forgive everyone, understand and recognize behavior where it is coming from

Inspire, help and influence positive with your Dreams, for the people who can resonate, identify and relate to your story

It’s requires a lot of strength to hold onto your beliefs, trust that it will be worth it

Always remain your dignity and calmness

When you can help everything and everyone with the same, where you can make the same possible for all

Where you show what is possible

What would life be worth without being able to Dream and work towards it?

You have to go on with the peeps who join your vision, keep all as a motivation towards it!

To me this is important in life, many reasons that explains this, maybe even more than I can come up with now

No Excuses

Don’t blame, cry, whine, explain and complain

Living everyday towards your goals & dreams to my opinion is already success

Of course you want everybody to encourage this, understand that it can make people feel inferior

Even when you feel the same for them, you do it for them and you want to get the best out of them

That you do it with the right intentions, reasons and motives

Hope that One Day all come up and feel the same

When your Dreams are Achieved give a Big Party where everybody you had the privilege to meet are invited

So because other people are satisfied with their job the rest of their life’s be a reason for you not to dream infinite?
Of course not, but still feel and respect all, looking and treating all equal, we are all the same and one human being

I respect all your choices in Life, these are mine

Call it what you want to call it

In Heart I want to make all feel the way I want them all to feel

Never to work against, to offend you, but to make you feel privileged for knowing me

What makes life feel miraculous, magical, mysterious, hopeful and wonderful

It’s who I be, always has been and never will give up on

Filter everything the Healthy way


<3 -1- 😀

Alain Stout

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