Keep Having Faith


Keep Having Faith

I share my thoughts, can be right or wrong, won’t matter, it’s the way I deal with all with right intentions and positive vibrations.


You witness momentum. You can’t be right or wrong. Just expression of feelings, emotions and awareness. Of course I learn forever along. Student for Life. Finding strength not to be bitter, discouraged and sad but as Motivation, fuel and feed to learn from, to use it for me and to help others with the same.

Never lose hope, you can inspire other people with your story, who can resonate, relate and identity with the same. Make the world a better place, never worse. Forgive, having compassion and mercy to maintain peace and to stay free. All is a challenge, absolutely true. You must not lose hope. Find the strength to hold on, find a way, it’s possible. Don’t be mad, feel for them who are blind, deaf and ignorant.

Pray for them. Believe one day they learn. Font allow anybody and anyone to tell you wrong, when you do good, to harm you, when you deserve love, to disrespect you, when you deserve respect, to hate you, when you deserve understanding and to break you, when you deserve healing. Never brag, boast and be cocky arrogant but stay fly humble, Nobel and keep having humility.

All this requires a lot of self-awareness, strength, self control, guts and courage. Losing yourself is losing control. This energy is always worth it. Ignore criticism from who are no hair better themselves, lying and unreasonable. You will meet challenges, use it for you, learn from all.

Keep having a positive attitude towards others. Believe in Yourself, keep reminding to yourself who you truly are, meant to be and are becoming, so you don’t allow others to tell you. Self discipline. Figure it all out. Find the answers. Believe.

Why would you not do good?


Make a positive difference in people’s life’s and in the world, it’s contagious and will spread. Things start to shift and change., people will admire you, listen to you and following up. You can help and the benefits are most satisfying.

In all hearts people feel the same about this, the way we been born. Go back to the core. Don’t be afraid what people think about you, there are the next decades around ten billion people you can help from scratch, think about them, that’s important. Raise children right from the start.

Be the best you, you can possibly be. You’ll meet adversity especially when people can’t stand who you are becoming because they’re not, so it’s only a sign, information that tells you how they see themselves. Love them, they need it the hardest. One day they’ll will join.

In their souls they’re happy for you, want to be like you. When you done all you could do, wanted to help. You’ve done enough, when still not listening, go on, give each other space to change well.

Very important, fair and right. In our core we’re all the same, remember that. Never lose hope. It’s all possible. Make the days count, don’t count the days. It’s never to late for change, no matter where it’s coming from, as long as it happens.

Never mistake kindness for weakness, never underestimate.

Violence and aggression is weakness.


Been through it all, done it all, have changed it all.

That’s why I say, I grew up smart and hard.

Never proud of it, but had to defend myself and had to stand up for myself, the way I grew up.

So I changed, that’s why, we all can.

If I didn’t saw the benefits of this, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Doesn’t say you don’t have to allow people walk over you, you don’t have to hold your ground or that you allow other people to destroy your spirit.

No, with a positive spirit you deal with all this the right way where all parties benefit from.

Where even the hardest hearts soften.

They all only respect this spirit most, they want to be around it, they love it a lot.

Like a loving caring mother.

This way you can still be a true gentleman and real alpha male.

It’s working on pure instincts as where I believe a human being is meant to be for.

That’s why I’m a big fan of staying sober, so you’re forever in control over you like lions, sharks and tigers.

Everything is okay as long as you learn from it and keep it where it happened.


Open your eyes, ears and heart for love, care and appreciation.

You’re born for greatness, no reason for being scared.

Best is yet to come, best not even started yet.

You Become stronger, younger and longer.

Be an example, role model and hero for your people and the world.

This way you can meet opposition first but works especially for the Long run.

It keeps you and your family safe, protected and defended.

Grant all everything, the more the better.
What makes you smile, happy and proud.

Forgive all like God forgives you

No matter how blurry and how far your vision is from reality, maintain trust, find a way through the noise what leads you to the heavenly outcome of your vision.
Only Faith will guide you to it.

Stay strong, be bold.

Help Yourself First

Do it for you, you get better, it makes you a better person, why would you ignore something that can heal you in all direction?
Because of ego & pride? When you know you are only hurting yourself on the long run in the eyes of the people you and who love you so much, why would you not put it aside? Give me one legit reason, or do you even feel yourself to good to admit this? So again you stay being backwards because of it but don’t want to see it.
It makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? The ones who stay blind especially when getting told this, are hurting themselves.
For that have compassion, forgiveness and mercy for them, knowing they already have to live with themselves what is worse enough.
Believing that one day they finally shift their whole being in to what’s right, healthy and healing for them and the future of the world.
When you’ve done all you could possibly do you have to go on for the ones who are already open to it between those 7 billion people.

You can still be yourself, cool, kind and gracious at the same time, everything will only get even better for you.

So when you meet anything that’s wrong because you do good, being right, stay working from positive vibrations what will protect you during that moment, after you’ve give the example of the way that works, you go on and is it on them to stay there or join calmness, positivity, peaceful state of mind, rich on all spiritual levels and prosperity in abundance. You must give each other space so you can go on what’s constructive for you and they have the room to make the choices themselves, because anyone can only help, change and recover themselves.

I mean I can kill anybody with a AK47 who acted disrespectful or as a ninja without anyone knowing it was me, does it help anybody? No

So use your spirits what makes life just as great for anybody.

Don’t hold grudges, forgive.

Take your time, as long as you want.

Do what must, take calculated risks, protecting the downfall.

Trust on God.
(I say this but for the other it can be nature, infinite intelligence, supreme mind, universe, God, Allah, law of attraction and science)

I am a big believer of balancing all the facts, truths, statistics, experiences, stories and common sense.

By staying open for all new and old information everyday again and again, your subconscious mind makes automatically best judgment.

If you do this, everyone against you, are against you, because they are not about this, they don’t see themselves like this, recognize that so you know why, what you can use for you as information as well.

Heal yourself first entirely so you can go on doing the same to others.

You can only help others if you help yourself first.

Be the example of what you want others to do.

I know many are stuck, having a pure heart but lost in circumstances, find a way out, it will be alright. It all starts in the mind.
It helps if you always somehow always seem to maintain some consciousness like me even since a child. I believe we all have, if not because of emotional traumas God is with you, you’re a reflection of your surroundings, where it’s often hard to know what’s right if all you’ve seen is wrong, I get that.
We pray for you, I believe all can change.
When you start to do good, you can be an example for the people with same backgrounds, a hero.

Starts with you, from within.

Step by step, hold your long term vision, it’ll pay out.

It’ll be okay my friends, I love you.

I’m with you, side by side.

All is possible, just believe.

Thank You

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