Be a King Yourself

Be a King Yourself

Alfred the Great (849-99), after a painting in the Bodleian Gallery (colour litho)

Why only being a King when you been born as a King, just live as a King already wherever you can.

Imagine yourself with a crown and get treat like it.

The good news is anybody can do that.

Of course don’t mean this literally, I mean you can become who you want, of course by doing good, right intentions and positive vibrations.
Chose yourself for who you want to become and achieve it, don’t depend on others to do it for you.

Become so Great that the whole world will know you for your greatness you have achieved from humble beginnings, doesn’t exist something more inspiring.

Be the own Super Star of your own Movie, make it interesting.

Make the world a better place, leave it better than you found it.
This way you use your potential constructive what’s beneficial for the whole world.

I’m only human like anybody else and despite my beliefs have to deal with everything as a human being like anyone else, all I say is a constant challenge I have to act like also.
The only way I survive all times like this, is being optimistic no matter what.
Change the negative thoughts that can kick in to positive thoughts.
Getting something positive out of everything to learn from so you can use it for you.

I do what I speak and it helps me or I wouldn’t be sharing it.

I don’t care if you are purple, white or black, where you come or don’t come from but your heart, soul and spirit.

We are all the same human beings.

It’s about the people who are right for me, likeminded, same interests, feel each other, meant to be to make this happen.

I believe being open for everyone can be worth gold, because of all the different backgrounds you can come to something what would be the best for earth.

Multi cultural is only more fun.

It’s just about people and coming together to greatness, something new and big.

That’s the way we can put an example.

Just believe in yourself and find a way to achieve it, use all adversary as motivational fuel.

Like they said, if you don’t want to have criticism, be nothing and do nothing.

Learn from everything what to and what not to do.

Know who you are so you don’t allow others to tell you who you are.

Go on where it is positive, constructive and helpful.

Who encourage, stimulate and inspire you.

Who treat you just as you treat others as you want to be treated.

I like the style of a special agent, batman and superman because they are for the good people, they protect them for the evil and bad guys. They are cooler and better.

Everything comes from within, so make sure your spirits are in a good place.
From there everything follows but remember everything you think about today can happen in ten years, so be careful where you wish for and have patience.

Of course in reality things goes different on the outside, but treat it as you see it from within as your vision only.

You must take risks to go or your dreams, that can be scary, jumping in the unknown.

But there is where the real growth takes places because you go where the most don’t go.

Stay Strong

It feels like to me the greater you want to be, the more you believe in yourself and the more right you want to be, the more resistance, the more people who want to crush, destroy and beat you emotionally and spiritually.

It makes me often wonder almost doubting on myself, that’s what they want.

So I can fully understand why people seem to give up, quit or fail, it is very hard, it really is very challenging and sometimes even heartbreaking and devastating.

Never underestimate nobody, always keep seeing the potential in everybody, never giving up on nobody and always keep the door open for anyone who wants to enter when the time is right.

Like I said sometimes it feels like people encourage bad behavior and discourage right behavior, you can questioning this why this is, or just deal with it the way it is and stay conscious about it.

Do it for the right ones in your life, the future of the people life’s and world.

Stay committed, positive and optimistic.

So that’s why you must be very very strong to hold on and all is for the long run.

Do it all for the long term vision, visualize it all so you can live every second subconsciously towards it.

I believe the same for all, many do it already, some don’t see it, are hurt, stuck and ignored.

I see that everybody can do it, find somehow the strength. It’s worth it.

Easy said than done, I hear you say.

Some people are like why you worry about the world and other people life’s, I got enough problems in my own life to deal with.

Just because I believe and love people in general, without other people there is no fun at all, you cannot even be yourself if you don’t have people where you can be yourself around with.

It’s not about me being right or wrong, it’s that I want what’s right for the whole world, call it a dream world, more a fantasy.

I am working to figure it out, searching for answers.

Who am I to think that what is right is possible for everyone?

It’s absolutely not to judge people, there are people way further in life than me of course, people who know better, who are smarter, greater and cooler I guess.

It’s about having a big heart, wanting love, perfect health, having a vision and that is where I am working towards.

That’s all, I respect every individual, believing that the people who do the best they can, are doing that.

It is based on what I’ve experienced until this far, the way people seem to think they can treat me wrong because of my right intentions, treating me unfair and think they seem to think that they can tell me like I am doing wrong, it’s just double.

I’m using my own experiences for me as lessons, what maybe helps other people by putting it in the right perspective.

It’s indeed about witnessing the way I deal with those people, situations and circumstances.

If everything been rosy there’s nothing to deal with.

I see people very sad, where nobody can help them but themselves.

I see the same as what everyone is experiencing, I am just working on my part in this world, minding my own business, staying at my own lane.

Want to use everything for me and not against me, want to learn from everything, want to get better.

Only compare, compete and race against myself yesterday.

I’ve a vision where I give answer to, what’s very challenging, where I see and experience until now only adversary that I must make work for me, that’s what I do.
Must not lose my mind, must control my own life and don’t allow others to, to put the right example.

Blaming nobody ever, despite everything and everyone who tried to break my spirit totally and entirely, I must keep following my heart. I am doing this and these are the thoughts from someone right now in this position. If you want to do good, it requires a lot of guts maintaining it, with temptations on every street corner. People trying to drag you down, talk you out of it and working against you, sometimes not even aware of it. You still must find the courage to believe in yourself, staying healthy, self-aware and presence. Call me right or wrong, working on putting all in the right perspective, to build a strong stable solid foundation, where I can infinitely help the whole world with. Not crying about it, must believe it all turn out well for everyone and everybody.


It’s not only about working hard and just doing it. You also must protect yourself by for example staying healthy, working on your personality, building a character, having a perfect balance and having the right intentions genuinely, sincerely and truly.

That’s why personal development is so important, I also understand that everyone wants this.
But it’s mostly because I see people never giving creativity a chance but criticize other people for doing it, because of people harming other people unfairly and about the way to figure out to give answer to your calling during all those outside influences who try to tell you anything, you must filter the right away without losing yourself.

Absolutely never to brag, boast or to be cocky but forever being humble, humane, hungry, modest and nobel.

I’m just figuring it out.

Like they say: “The best investment you can make is in yourself”

People can take everything from you but your spirit, make sure it’s good, great and right.

Healthy mentality works best for all levels, for your skin, body and brains.

Nutritions, vitamins and vegetables.

I am about staying organic, biological, green, semi-vegan and 100% pure natural.

Never makes me better than someone else, for me everyone is equal, nobody more or less.

But I never saw someone where I’m coming from changing this much, living this dreams and going after what you visualize, the only thing the most can is misunderstanding me.

I agreed I have to solve, heal and fix also my whole life.
I’m working on it.
I’m sorry for all misunderstanding, forgive me for my shortcomings.

You’re right.

Letting it all come from the deep inner core spirit, forever going after your desires, keep believing in it that it will, that you always do the right thing, on the right moment with the right timing.

Always did where I believed in, everything goes different than you expected, believing that everything happens with the right reasons where you can learn from, so you can use it forever for you.

Wipe off the dust and do it again and again until you succeed, helping everyone you can possibly help.

Never giving up, quit but forever going on.

We can all improve, change and transform in a better self, me to, forever a student, it will be beneficial for the whole world, all the people and the future of the Universe.

It’s for everybody a challenge, for me to, respect the way everyone deal with it on her on his own way!


A big challenge for me is giving space between you and the people you used to know considered as friends or even family, when you find out no matter what effort you put in they just keep staying stuck in life so that is not helping you whatsoever.
So the fairest thing to do is room, so you can grow and they can see that and can make the choice for change in their own time.
You wanted since birth the same for everyone, you wanted everyone to understand and love you, you wanted peace for all, you just wanted help and that the people give you what you want, feel the same about you as you do about them.
If this isn’t the case you have to chose for yourself or you stay also behind, what will infinitely be beneficial for all those relationships. That’s a big challenge especially when you used to know those people very well and close.
So what you can do is using it as motivation to make your dreams come true, but therefore you have to make the choice you have to make even you been the one who wanted everyone on the same plane, helping, preventing troubles and raising right.
I believe in their hearts they do feel this to and want you to succeed and themselves but need time for change and awareness.

Never hating on people who are blind to see, but believing one day they will join to, meanwhile you are already moving there.

You must put the right example, inspiring with it.

I am not mad, but I just want the same for everybody even being treated wrong because of my right intentions, you would expect that I am bitter and want to take revenge, still I chose for keep doing right and use it as motivation.

You just have to go where you attract the ones who feel the same, you cannot be wrong when your intentions are right.

Still I do respect all the people who want to do the best they possibly can and treat all the people the same, with respect and right.

Who are open and get the best they can possibly get out of life.

I am talking about the ones who get the chances those people never saw, and still decline them, not jumping on it or accepting the help.

That’s why I say it is a big difference if you know how you can improve yourself and you are not doing it, or you are not doing it because you don’t know it.

You don’t know, what you don’t know, so never think that you know it all but keep learning.

Never feel yourself to good to admit that you are wrong, this only helps, not only you but the other person, by saying I am sorry forgiving each other, then there is room for harmony and unity what turns out best for all parties.

The reason I care so much about this is because I know this, what makes sense, but experience a lot of the opposite, still, with thousands of years of information from history to learn from.

If I can learn from it, there is not one single excuses not to do it if you have the same opportunities, simple as that.
Every person on planet earth can consider that as true.

Only the ones with a big ego, with no reason at all to have it stay blind and are only hurting themselves and their family, something you don’t want.

If you are stuck, confused, depressed, sad and stressed, seek for help, don’t wait until it pass because maybe you are to late.

I think all the great right good positive optimistic leaders all challenging with the same.

Having faith that this change is still possible for all.


This is my personal blog so you get my present thoughts where I’m dealing with in life also.

Never blaming anyone, taking full responsibility for everything that happens in my life.

Like Bill Gates said: “If you been born poor it isn’t your fault, if you die poor it is”

The funny thing often is that people doesn’t seem to listen to advice what do make their life’s better, or that they don’t learn from history but think they know it all based on no results at all. That’s sad.

I only share what I am doing myself to.

I believe life is about character and personality, all results follow up, no matter who you are.

You can enforce luck.

Got tons of reasons why I want to succeed. I want to make the people happy, smile and proud. So many people I love so much I want to make them feel this way, want to help and touch them in their soul exactly where it has the effect I believe what works.

Want them to look up to me.

You know I am the oldest grandchild and child, have 5 names, so it’s also on me to set forth the surname.

Many many people in my family and past are entrepreneurs and massive creative.

I really been born in a special family when it goes about that.

Many many people in my family had massive adversary also, just like the most people.

It’s all reason why you feel like you have to succeed, you must, sometimes it feels like, it’s all on me.
That’s a Great feeling, but it takes time to develop your awareness what it is that you have to do what answers this calling.

It feels like being born to become I am visualising.

Maybe my Destiny is much bigger or different I am feeling or thinking now in the future.

Just making sure I stay on the positive side, stay learning and always treat everyone as I want to be treated.

Always making sure I stay acting rational, because I believe your behavior today can comes back later on.

That’s why how you use every second really is important.

I also believe now that you must think of yourself, doing your own research instead of copying all you hear, see or read to make the best conclusion.

What I mean for that for example is, we are also dying because of all the sugars in all the products in the supermarket and all the chemicals in all the cosmetics.

All those things creates diseases.

Really Think

Use your brains, don’t think you do, but really do it, because if you don’t you will have to live with the consequences, and they are never fun when they happens, even when you think with your big mouth that you don’t care, because you don’t see them happening yet.

Everybody who hate or can’t stand you for this view, is because they can’t stand themselves for seeing this through.

So understand where hate is coming from, it only says something about them never about you.

Put all in the right perspective!

But is there nobody who can come up with this by common sense?

If you look to history the healthy people like the native americans, only ate healthy fruits and always had a healthy body and skin.

Like the pharaohs only 100% natural oils and stuff.

The commercial chemical cosmetic and sugar food industry is only about the last 100 years.

Of course they tell you in advertisements it is great, because they earn billions.

Of course I did the same, I thought what the whole world is doing is the right thing to do or else why would the whole world keep doing it?
This I found out is a naive thought.

Because sadly enough I hoped it wasn’t the most people act like sheep.

If people didn’t act like sheep there wouldn’t be war, diseases and poverty.

So even when I believe the same heaven on mother nature is possible for everyone, somebody got to lead and guide them.

You have to create awareness and shake things up.

That’s why climate change, peace, equality, health, prosperity in abundance and love are very important.

Start Now

It has to start with you.

So again yes I did it to, but not anymore and I am still 28 years old, I been able to change this in my twenties, while I see people who are hundred and still are a sheep. Still have done nothing in life, never followed their dreams, desires or passion but what the community expect from them at that is most often work your whole life for a boss, shut up, a home, wife, kids, a dog and die. Don’t grow, don’t get to smart and don’t be different.

I been born on the same planet, still succeeded to be aware of this and going for the opposite.

So today the world is pretty strange because when you do follow your heart, dare to take the risks, believe in yourself and dreams you been considered as strange.
How crazy is that?
And when you do the same as anyone else, and that is nothing you been considered as good.
When you fight for what you’re worth nobody cares, when you make it suddenly everybody clap.

Tell me 1 time, how is it possible I see this and the most don’t?

Can you understand I have many questions like that?

We should encourage each other’s dreams and don’t bring them down because the world succeeded to bring yours down and you been to weak to keep believing in yourself and dreams.
Not going to happen at me, so sad to see that you show what they succeeded to do at you and you don’t see that you show this to me you show me that you are blind, so it’s a win win situation if you open your eyes. This is motivating for me, learning from all, putting in the right perspective.

Sometimes you want to kick them because of their loser behavior and acting like it’s normal to be a loser, you want to shake them up by violence, but of course that’s not the right way.
So how to achieve this right awareness what’s best for the world?

First of all I think it’s the responsibility of the rich wealth western world to take care and help the third world countries, that is what you would like to when the roles been reversed.

So if you do that genuine from heart, you will prosper in life, if you do not, you will not prosper in life, right?

That simple.

Tell me again, how is it possible I see it this clearly in my mid twenties and people who are 100 die without ever find the strength to see this through?

You understand that that is very strange for me to consider?

Luckily there are people like me, because that brings hope.

That shows that God is working.

I am very grateful every day again and again, because there are only things to be grateful for, things could be totally the opposite.

That’s why I like to speak and act for the ones who can’t, who don’t have the balls, guts, courage or are simply not in the position.

This subject goes really from heart.

If you want the same good for everyone, you share it and people simply don’t listen to it, requires a lot of self control.

Why they allow their ego to block their life’s, while I also can open up for this view?


Maybe you still have to have losers, or else choosing for right or wrong can’t be made anymore.

I see people I used to know being there, having a big mouth, but all they do is making worse for their own, not seeing this, while there is no reason at all to be there, because I am neither.

So simple just do good, and don’t think you do good when you do not.

You sometimes want a world only with the right people so you freedom and don’t have to deal with this stupidity.

Don’t want to waste my time.

So you have to go, believe and be with the right ones only who are on the same path, with the same kinda vision, right intentions, good people who use their brains, not people who think they do good but actually act very worse.
It’s poison, if they don’t see it themselves, they also will not see it after telling them, because nobody wants admit that they are wrong when they are wrong.
The only way is let them find out themselves, the consequences in reality will be worse, exactly as you saw, but not by you, by themselves.

I believe infinitely the right ones surpasses, survives and are the only ones alive.

Make sure you chose for what’s right and stay learning, everyday all day again and again.

Learn what to and what not to do, so you can use all for you.

Very important.

The ones who want to tell you wrong when you are right are wrong themselves but ain’t seeing it or they wouldn’t act this way.

It’s on you to recognize this human behavior, to protect yourself and your family.

I know that even the stupid people who are think they are brilliant but act wrong without being aware of it feel this in their heart to be the truth.

There’s only room for righteousness in this world, make sure you chose it on time.

I feel for them because often it are people who think they are everything, not seeing who they really are in which perspective, but you do.

But there are no excuses, if you can see this, anyone can, period.

The strong survives.

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